Altered and customised to every client’s specific needs and goals.

Trust us!

Working with a comprehensive approach, we provide services to meet your requirements from the first intention of a change in office space, all the way to settling into your brand new fitted up working space.

Pratt Design’s comprehensive range of services develops from the following main stages below, altered and customised to every client’s specific needs and goals.

Initial Phase : Orientation

  • Understanding what the client’s requirements
  • Establishing optimum office space requirement
  • Selection of ideal location to suit business needs

Planning Phase : Concept Design

  • Conducting site survey and measurement for purpose of preparing the proposed layout
  • Preliminary office layout and interior design concept presented for client’s review and comments
  • Further study of client’s requests to make necessary adjustments to suit site conditions
  • Interior design and space planning within client’s budget

Planning Phase : Design Development

  • Finalisation of confirmed design concept and layout plan
  • Preparation of detailed drawings / 3D perspective rendering to show implementation of design concepts
  • Establishment of mechanical and electrical system designs accordant to building and management provisions and safety standards, which includes, power, lighting, air-conditioning, and sprinkler systems
  • Presentation of material sample boards, including selection of furnishing.

Working Phase : Construction and Project Management

  • Liaising with building management office for the submission of all necessary documents before commencement of site works
  • Co-ordination of our team of contractors and suppliers to meet design specifications
  • Expedition of the procurement process for lighting equipment, system furniture, flooring material, air-conditioning systems, etc.
  • Constant supervision of project site by site managers and/or designers to ensure smooth and customer-satisfactory transition of construction processes and timely hand-over of completed site
  • Updating client of the progress of the project schedule to ensure the client is always kept in the know
  • Submission of specific detailed plan drawings to the authorities for purpose of obtaining approval for partition/electrical/sprinkler works
  • Arrange for authorities to conduct necessary inspections and testing
  • Migration of office equipment

Post-Construction Phase : Follow-up

  • Efficient follow-up on client’s additional requirements, minor modifications, such as additional furniture, power points, etc., under the same job account